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Why You Should Let an Experienced Traffic Offence Lawyer Handle Your Speeding Ticket

by Erika Reed

Most people will not drive a vehicle with faulty headlights, without a valid driving license or when the vehicle is in an unworthy road condition. However, they are sometimes unable to resist speeding, and they end up with a speeding ticket. Although some traffic charges, such as hit and run or driving when intoxicated, can be easy to resolve, others like a speeding ticket can attract hefty fines or even a jail term. That is, if you don't hire a traffic offence lawyer to help you.

Find out why you should always leave a speeding charge or ticket to a traffic offence lawyer:

Speeding Charges Are Hard to Lower or Dismiss

Speeding charges can cost you a lot of money annually because it's hard to reduce the penalties or dismiss the charges without a lawyer. An experienced lawyer will not only fight to have the fines reduced, but they will also find ways to have the speeding charges dismissed. If it's your first time getting a speeding charge, it might be easy to settle or handle it. But what if the police officer issued it wrongly? A traffic lawyer would have to prove it so the charges can go down or probably get dismissed. However, this requires the lawyer first to assess your circumstances before they explain them or contend the charges in court.

Traffic Law Can Be Hard to Understand

Although traffic laws seem easy to follow, most people still don't understand them. When facing a traffic violation, such as speeding, the simple things you ignore or don't understand could get you in trouble. A traffic lawyer analyses the speeding facts in your case, identifies the specific traffic law to use and assesses the probable outcome. Most traffic lawyers understand the traffic laws and codes and how they operate. They also know how to identify weaknesses in a speeding charge and fight it aggressively. You might not know how you could interview a traffic officer in court to prove innocence, but an experienced traffic violation lawyer will do it.

Gathering Evidence Can Be Tricky

If you are sure you hadn't sped, but a police officer handed you a speeding ticket, it would take a traffic lawyer to prove them wrong. Proving innocence in a traffic violation — a red light or speeding ticket — isn't easy without reliable evidence. Most traffic lawyers don't just help present the evidence, but also collect it. They often use traffic cameras to collect viable evidence — incident reports or video footage — to strengthen your case. If the traffic lawyer successfully proves that the police officer wrote a false speeding ticket, they might sue them in court so you could be compensated.

Trying to contest a speeding charge yourself is the worst mistake you could ever make. With the help of a traffic offence lawyer, your chances of dismissing the speeding ticket or reducing the charges will be greater even if you have a minor traffic violation.