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A Guide On Workplace Injuries

by Erika Reed

What would happen if you suffered a workplace injury? Workers compensation insurance is coverage that guarantees compensation for workplace injuries. Read this article to learn more about workers comp and how to seek compensation for workplace injuries.

Insurance Exemptions

Employers should educate their employees on the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage. For example, a person who suffers an injury when committing a crime or was injured past his or her working hours cannot receive compensation. And independent contractors, suppliers and subcontractors may be exempt from the insurance cover. 

What To Do After a Workplace Injury

You should seek immediate medical care once you suffer an injury at your workplace. You could reduce the payout if you take too long to go to the hospital. In court, defence lawyers could argue that you made the injury worse after failing to seek medical attention. Keep medical and employment details after the injury. They will help you strengthen your case. Besides, you could ask your friends to take photos of the injury.

Hire a workplace accident lawyer to represent you during compensation meetings with your employer and the insurance company. In Australia, workers compensation suits are settled throughout court processes. Your lawyer's first task is to assign blame. If you incurred severe injuries, the lawyer might have to seek additional compensation from your employer. The insurance company will send an adjuster to examine your injuries. Insurance adjusters can twist your words to get the upper hand during settlement meetings. As such, you should ask your lawyer to accompany you when meeting the adjuster.

Your lawyer will also calculate the amount of money to seek as compensation. Other than medical costs, you will also receive compensation for lost wages, rehabilitation and disability. Death benefits are paid to your dependants if you lose your life as a result of the injury. Below are some tips to ensure you get the maximum payout:

  1. Do not lie about your medical history. The insurance company will significantly reduce the payout if you were dishonest to adjusters during investigations or discovery.
  2. Determine a reasonable offer. Dragging the case into court might work against your favour.
  3. During negotiations ask the insurance company to explain their offer. It is a sure way to ensure all damages are compensated.
  4. Seek a doctor's opinion to understand your injuries. For example, some permanent injuries will worsen as you age.

Seek compensation for your personal injury at the earliest possible stage. You will not get compensated if you take too long to report the injury. For more information, reach out to a workers compensation lawyer.