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Understanding Family Law

by Erika Reed

Family law in Australia governs how relationships within a family unit are formalised, what happens when a relationship ends and how disputes between the members of a family are resolved. Family law in Australia deals with all aspects of life, from marriage and divorce to the care and upbringing of children, inheritance rights and property ownership. Read on to find out more about each of these areas.

Family Disputes

Disputes that arise within families are always greatly difficult and trying experiences. The huge range of family disputes that can occur make it important for the laws in this area to be as accessible and versatile as possible. The federal government has established a family law court in order to deal specifically with family disputes. This goes some way to ensuring that each case is dealt with on an individual basis and in a manner that alleviates all parties involved from undue stress.


Divorce is the legal process by which a marriage can be formally ended. It is only possible for a marriage to be legally ended if it was legally established in the first place. This establishes that both parties have consented to enter into a marriage contract, as well as being of sound mind at the time of doing so. Divorce can be a protracted and legally complicated experience, particularly if there is property or children involved. You can apply for a divorce using an online weblink. However, it is strongly advised that you also seek advice from a family law firm.


Inheritance is the process by which property, cash and assets are passed from a loved one to another. Inheritance law is particularly relevant in cases where the person who passed away left behind legal dependents such as children or parents. In order to ensure that the will of the deceased is upheld, it is important for all involved to familiarise themselves with the relevant laws concerning inheritance in Australia. The question of inherited wealth can also be a factor when deciding on the division of property during a divorce. The best way to manage any questions around inheritance is to seek advice from a family lawyer.

If you're interested in finding out more about family law in Australia, you should book a consultation with a local law firm that offers family law services. A lawyer will be happy to speak with you about your situation and how they may be able to help.