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  • The Remedies Available for Legal Matters in Commercial Law

    3 June 2020

    Millions of people engage in commercial activities around the world. They rely on the exchange of both goods and services to make a living, sustain business and run private and public enterprises. In this regard, there has to be a body of law that regulates the conduct of people, outlines their rights and establishes their relations. The body of law in question is commercial law. One way commercial law serves people in their business setting is by laying the framework for resolution of disputes.

  • Understanding Pet Laws

    26 May 2020

    If you are a pet lover, you need to understand pet laws to ensure your pet leads a comfortable and healthy life. Pet laws are those legal requirements in a particular state that controls the keeping of certain pets, protects pets from neglect and cruelty, protects other people from your pet if it can be dangerous and ensures pets are always comfortable and healthy. Of course, there are different types of animals that can be kept as pets.

  • Why Spousal Maintenance Is Never Guaranteed

    13 May 2020

    When two parties separate following a lengthy marriage, it can be challenging to sort out those finances. What factors should be taken into account if one party expects the other to support them going forward? Times Have Changed At one time in the past, the male (in a heterosexual marriage) would be called the breadwinner, while the female would typically be classified as the homemaker. Household revenues would be generated by the former, while the latter would take care of any children that happened to come along.

  • 3 Simple Tips That Could Help Attract Higher Compensation Than What You Expected

    7 May 2020

    With car accident cases increasing each year, the number of people filing compensation claims isn't expected to go down. Car accidents involve vehicle damages, severe physical injuries and even death. Depending on the injuries you sustain, you could either get back to your job or business after a while or potentially lose your job and ability to work. Whether you delay getting back on your feet or perhaps lose your job forever, you should be compensated, more so if the other party was negligent and responsible for the accident.

  • Why Disclosure Is Crucial When Buying Off the Plan

    7 May 2020

    If you're looking for a new place to live but are quite picky, then you may sometimes need to compromise. You may, for example, have discovered a development that seems to tick all the boxes but has yet to be built. In this case, the developer may invite you to purchase 'off the plan', and you may be able to take advantage of a financial break because of this, but you also need to be very aware of your rights at the same time.

  • Have you thought about using a conveyancing service?

    30 April 2020

    How confident are you when it comes to buying a property? Most people know the type of home or commercial space they want to buy but don't know too much about the legal aspect of the purchase. One of the problems with buying property is that what you are buying can often come with responsibilities or encumbrances that aren't immediately obvious. You can go and look around a particular property, but what will you really see?

  • How To Improve The Outcome Of Your Court Case

    30 April 2020

    Do you have a pending legal issue? Could be you have a civil or criminal case in court. Read the excerpt below for a few tips on how to improve the outcome of your case.  Work With an Experienced Solicitor Conduct some due diligence before hiring a solicitor to represent you in court. Check his or her specialisation and experience. You would also be interested in the professional's winning history. The solicitor should be someone you trust and understands your needs.