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  • A Guide On The Work Of Deceased Estates Lawyers

    29 January 2021

    A deceased estate lawyer is a professional that helps out with the estate planning and probate process. This guide describes some of the essential services that a deceased estate lawyer provides.  Creating Wills A will enables you to bequeath your property to close family and friends. Your lawyer will evaluate your situation and advise how to structure your will. Typically, they will appraise your assets to determine their current value. Besides, they will inform you what you can or cannot include in the will.

  • Critical Facts About Prenuptial Agreements

    18 November 2020

    Marriages are unique partnerships because couples tie the knot with the person they love, cherish, and want to spend the rest of their lives with. Although marriage has nothing to do with material possession, it would be naïve to throw all caution to the wind, particularly if you have substantial assets. It is the reason why a prenuptial agreement is crucial. Although some people opine that premarital agreements ruin marriages, family law solicitors and counsellors agree that the accords do more good than harm.

  • 3 Major Benefits of Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

    31 August 2020

    Life is full of surprises, and nobody really knows what tomorrow will bring. As a wise parent with dependants, you should organise how your asset base will be managed in case you pass on or become incapacitated. Estate planning involves activities such as setting up trusts, writing wills and creating power of attorney documents, among others. The best professional to help you organise how to manage your asset base would be an estate attorney.

  • Essential Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer Online

    6 August 2020

    Nobody gets into a marriage with divorce in their mind. Therefore, when a partner asks for a divorce from their better half, the situation can be emotionally draining. The stress makes it difficult for some people to cope with the realities of a divorce, such as finding a competent divorce lawyer in good time. However, if you are not in the right state of mind to go out and look for a divorce lawyer, you can still find one online.

  • Make Sure That You Have Your Finances Covered before You Sign a House Purchase Contract

    28 July 2020

    If you have finally found a property that you intend to buy and turn into your first real home, you may be filled with excitement and trepidation. You are keen to move forward and secure the house so that you can get on with your life, but you want to make sure that you do this properly and do not run into any problems with the paperwork. While you will always want to get professional support here, you need to be particularly careful when it comes to the actual finances.

  • Emotional Distress in the Workplace

    15 July 2020

    Many professions can result in some form of stress. This is a fact of life, but this stress should not be ongoing, nor should it be overly detrimental to your mental health. This stress can arise from a particularly complicated situation you might face during the normal execution of your duties, whether it's the complexity of a certain task or the volume of the work. To some extent, this is part of the job.

  • A Guide On Workplace Injuries

    25 June 2020

    What would happen if you suffered a workplace injury? Workers compensation insurance is coverage that guarantees compensation for workplace injuries. Read this article to learn more about workers comp and how to seek compensation for workplace injuries. Insurance Exemptions Employers should educate their employees on the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage. For example, a person who suffers an injury when committing a crime or was injured past his or her working hours cannot receive compensation.

  • Child Custody and Visitation When Divorcing Your Same-Sex Spouse

    11 June 2020

    Australia legalised same-sex marriage on 9 December 2017. Rather logically, this means that same-sex divorce was also legalised at this time. As with any divorce, custody arrangements for children are a prevalent concern, but same-sex relationships (where one of the co-parents is the birth parent's same-sex partner) can have additional provisions when it comes to determining custody and the co-parents' subsequent relationship with the child or children. So what happens to your relationship with your children when you divorce your same-sex partner?

  • The Remedies Available for Legal Matters in Commercial Law

    3 June 2020

    Millions of people engage in commercial activities around the world. They rely on the exchange of both goods and services to make a living, sustain business and run private and public enterprises. In this regard, there has to be a body of law that regulates the conduct of people, outlines their rights and establishes their relations. The body of law in question is commercial law. One way commercial law serves people in their business setting is by laying the framework for resolution of disputes.

  • Understanding Pet Laws

    26 May 2020

    If you are a pet lover, you need to understand pet laws to ensure your pet leads a comfortable and healthy life. Pet laws are those legal requirements in a particular state that controls the keeping of certain pets, protects pets from neglect and cruelty, protects other people from your pet if it can be dangerous and ensures pets are always comfortable and healthy. Of course, there are different types of animals that can be kept as pets.